How To Feel More Beautiful In 7 Easy Steps

As much as I hate to admit it, I don’t roll out of bed all kinds of gorgeous.  Thankfully, I have my favorite things to help transform me from Fright Night to Pretty Woman.  Here is a list of the items responsible for my daily transformation.  None of them are difficult to use, terribly expensive, nor are they ridiculously time consuming activities.  This post contains affiliate links. Click here for more info.

Revision Papaya Enzyme Cleanser:

Revision Papaya enzyme cleanserAs a licensed Esthetician, I’ve learned a thing or two about good skincare products.  Just like building a house, it all starts with the foundation.  It makes no sense to do anything to your face if it isn’t starting out as a clean slate.  I love the combination of glycolic acid (derived from sugar cane), and the papaya enzyme.  Nothing keeps my skin clearer, or smoother than this little gem.


Revision Multi protection daily wear SPF 50:

Revision SPF 50 moisturizer and sunscreenOnce my skin is clean, I want to lock in the moisture, and protect it from the sun’s damaging rays.  This one product does both.  I like it because it is very lightweight, and keeps my skin smooth without a greasy feeling.  I also appreciate not smelling like a coconut.  The zinc, titanium and Parsol block out both UVA and UVB rays.

Hawrych Lash enhancing serum:

Eyelash enhancing serumI always felt cheated in the eyelash department.  Born blonde, my lashes and brows are the only part of me that stayed naturally blonde!  This lash conditioning serum has made my lashes look way longer.  They even brush against my sunglasses when I’m driving.  Who knew it would be so fun to have this problem?


Grande Lash Heated lash curler:

Heated eyelash curlerI’d like a show of hands from everyone who has ever gotten their cheek or eyelids pinched with an old fashioned eyelash curler.  It hurts!  Traditional eyelash curlers look medieval, and I think are kind of dangerous.  Using Grande’s heated eyelash curler has not only taken away the danger of curling my lashes, but the curl lasts.  Think of it as a tiny curling magic wand for your eyes.  Super easy to use too!

Sonicare toothbrush:

sonicare toothbrush standing upright on charging deviceI used to like to take out my aggressions on my manual toothbrush.  I brushed my teeth really hard, and flattened the head of my brush in record time.  Even so, my dental appointments were always kind of “meh”.  When I switched solely to the Sonicare toothbrush, it changed everything.  It feels like I just went to the dentist every time I brush my teeth.  It has totally reversed my gum inflammation, and I now get an A+ at all my dental visits.


Revlon overstay lip color:

revlon 24 hour lip colorIf I put no make-up on, this is still the one product I use every day.  Lip color makes a world of difference, and is so easy to do.  In my job as an Electrologist, I wear a face mask during treatments.  My mask always ended up with lipstick smeared in it, and I had to reapply after each appointment.  I don’t have time to mess with that.  I began using the Revlon overstay, and it immediately became my favorite product.  It literally lasts for 24 hours.  My masks don’t have lip prints in them anymore, and I don’t have to reapply it.  I will never use conventional lipstick again!


bottle of magnesium 400 mgI need my beauty sleep.  I have never been able to function properly on 6-7 hours of sleep.  My minimum requirement is 8, but I do better with 9 hours.  When hot flashes began to interrupt my rest, my doctor suggested 400 mg of magnesium nightly.  The extra benefit of this is it has a sedative effect.  I take the rest of my vitamins in the morning, but I save my dose of magnesium for the evening.  Now I don’t boil over, and I am sleeping much better.  Magnesium is also known for assisting in preventing migraines, anxiety, type 2 diabetes, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

These are the items that help me look and feel better, and stay healthy.  As basic as they are, they’re still an important part of my day.  I suppose I could have thrown in my morning cup of coffee as well.  I only have one cup a day, but what a difference it makes!cartoon style cup of coffee with teal saucer

Looking and feeling good

requires some effort, but it doesn’t have to be an exhausting task.  If you’re having difficulty with this due to depression, or simply not feeling well, take a peek at Best Advice To Look Good When You Don’t Feel Great.  You will find helpful tips to lift your spirits.

This post is published during the middle of a World Pandemic, where many people are not allowed to leave their homes.  I am included in that group.  Some days I stay in my pj’s, and other days I get dressed and put on lipstick!  I do whatever I need to in order to make myself feel better, and it is my hope that you are doing the same thing for yourself.

Whether you are reading this smack in the middle of this world crisis, or long after it is over, the above advice still applies.  Taking care of yourself will always make you feel better.

How about you?  I’d love to hear your go to list of what makes you thrive daily.  If it’s really spectacular, maybe I’ll add it to my routine!  You can tell me about it on my Facebook page at Elaine’s Lane.



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