Hi, I’m Elaine!

It’s so nice to meet you!  I’m glad you’re here. Elaine’s Lane is for inquisitive people with vast interests who want to be entertained, informed and inspired. 

I have many interests, and maybe you do too.  I tried to narrow down my categories… I really did!  I’ve spent over 30 years talking with my Electrolysis clients about every subject imaginable.  These are my niched down topics!

Because I want to help people and not confuse anyone, I’d like to point out this is a multi topic blog.  The tech aspect of creating a blog was challenging. I could have multiple separate niche blogs sites, however, I decided one is enough for me.

So grab a cup of coffee, pick your favorite topics, and dive in.

Why I love these topics:

Money: Focusing on debt elimination is fascinating. Being debt free changes everything. If your goal is to be debt free, I’d love to help teach you how.

Genealogy: I believe I am exactly who I am because of the mixture of all my ancestors. If my stories inspire you to dig into your past, I provide resources to facilitate your journey in finding out about long lost family.

Organizing: Disorganized spaces are not helpful to any of us. Learn easy to follow steps to create a peaceful home, office, and mind.

Beauty: As a Licensed Electrologist and Esthetician, this is a big part of my world. I help people look and feel beautiful. And that makes me very happy.

Creativity: Designing and creating projects is not only fun, it elevates your mood. In addition to my printables and painted rocks, I love finding creative solutions to household problems. I hope to help spark your creative side.

Where you can find me!

I am on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and just a little bit on Instagram. Please stop by and say hello.
And of course you can always find me here at Elaine’s Lane.