How Electrolysis Can Save You From Embarrassment, And Save You Time

hairy legs wearing flip flops and pink nail polishHave you ever noticed a random hair

on yourself that didn’t belong there? Was it waving at everyone, trying to capture their attention while simultaneously embarrassing you?  Did you try to grab it with your fingers and yank it out when no one was looking?

blonde bunnyWe are mammals, and we are covered, to differing degrees, in hair.  Not the cute puppy or bunny kind of fur, but it is still hair.  The flowing hair on your head, long eyelashes and perfectly shaped eyebrows can be a source of pride.  Hair nearly everywhere else can be a problem.


I maintain that we don’t have to strive to be 100% hair free

(excluding the areas mentioned above).  I do, however, think that most of us have more hair than we need, and a little selective removal can be a good thing.

When I was in college, my roommate and I were going to her boyfriend’s parent’s home to go swimming. photo of swimming pool on a hillside with blue skies and the ocean in the background They had a fabulous pool, and it was a warm, sunny Southern California day.  We went into their pool house to change into our swimsuits.

My friend gasped in horror when she remembered she had not shaved prior to this outing.  She couldn’t go out to the pool with hair visible in various areas.  I was no help at all, since I couldn’t stop laughing at her.  (Yes, we are still friends…)

She stepped into the pool house shower and found a disposable razor.

She proceeded to do a quick shave while I continued to laugh.  I’m more mature now, and would probably react in a more helpful manner, but at 20 years old, it struck me as very funny.

Permanent hair removal will help you feel beautifulThe grossness of using someone else’s razor was overpowered by her sense of pride.  She didn’t want everyone to see her unwanted hair.  Once the radical quick shave was done, some nice red razor burns began showing up on her skin.  I have to say my friend was really a trooper, and we went out and enjoyed our time at the pool.  She did her best to hide the redness.  She and I were probably the only ones who even noticed.

I did not have this problem, not because I had shaved ahead of time,

or was blessed with invisible blonde fuzz, but because I had electrolysis two years earlier.  There were very few people who knew I had electrolysis treatments, and my friend was one of them.  In high school she thought I was wasting my money, but after this little episode in college, she changed her mind.

I had my own minor episodes of being embarrassed by hair I didn’t want. black hairy dog with matted dreadlocks covering its eyes and body, and a pink tongue showing I was picnicking at a busy lake with a boyfriend, wearing shorts and a top that showed by tummy.  I looked at my stomach and saw a single long, dark hair.  Where did that come from, and why was it attached to my skin?  How on earth could I have not seen that?

I guess the lighting in my parent’s house wasn’t that great, and I never noticed it before.  It took being out in the sunshine to see this pesky intruder.  I did try to grab it, but it kept slipping through my fingers.  It was a long time ago, and I was probably covered in baby oil in an attempt to get a tan.  I just silently prayed for the date to be over so I could go home and deal with this squatter properly.

ballerina in white tutu posing with one arm up, and one foot pointing behind her body, with a blue backgroundMy underarms were also an issue.

I had tried waxing once, and really did extensive damage on my skin.  Waxing left me with random bumps.  Thereafter, every time I shaved my underarms, I’d inadvertently nick the bumps and they would bleed.  I took dance classes and this was not a good look with my sleeveless leotard.

I finally decided to take the financial plunge, and have electrolysis done.  My part time wages of $4 an hour paid for this venture. (Am I dating myself here?)  I could have used my earnings to buy clothes and make-up, like all my friends were doing.  Instead, I invested in myself.  That was 38 years ago, and I still have no hair under my arms or my tummy.  I’m sure anything else I would have purchased with that money would be long gone by now.

This investment also paid off as it became my career.  I have been a licensed Electrologist since 1987.  I’ve been doing this longer than some of my clients have been alive!

Electrolysis is permanent hair removal.

brown Scottish highland cow with horns, and hair covering eyes, with green grass in the backgroundIt is a process, and takes multiple treatments to complete.  See Electrolysis FAQ’s here.  It ranges from being mildly annoying to somewhat painful.  It is not inexpensive.  It is, however, one of those things that pays dividends to your future self.  You don’t have to worry about having embarrassing moments as described earlier, ripping your skin off, or shaving for the rest of your life.

There are countless rituals we do daily to look good

and take care of ourselves.  There are endless grooming tasks we can participate in.  If you shave every day, wax every two weeks, or tweeze every time a hair pops out, you can free your time up for more important things.  Electrolysis will ultimately free you from the perpetual hair removal grooming you may currently be experiencing.

When I was in high school, a lot of my female classmates did not shave their legs or underarms. 1970's sign Peace Out It was the late ‘70’s, early 80’s and it was not frowned upon back then the way it is now.  Do I think we’ve gone a bit overboard in the hair removal department?  Sometimes, but it is such an individual decision, and you are the only one who has to live with or without your hair.

For me, I am glad I had electrolysis done.

cartoon hula girlWhether I’m getting ready to go out for the evening, on vacation, or hula dancing lessons, I never have to take the time to shave, or pack a razor.  It is truly freeing.

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