Write From My Heart. It’s Nice To Meet You

Welcome to my blog, and my first post!  

I am so glad you are here!  To help you decide if my site is worthy of your time, perhaps you’d like to know a little about me, and what you can expect. I am a creative type of person, and thought I could capture and share all my  ideas on a blog.  I created this blog for you!  I’d heard of blogging for years.  No one would ever mistake me for a highly tech savvy person, despite my entrenched proximity to Silicon Valley.

Born in San Francisco, raised in San Jose

dozens and dozens of dark and ripe red cherries with green stemsand currently living half way between the two, I grew up not only in Silicon Valley, I grew up with it.

I remember my sisters coming home one day with a giant bowl full of cherries they had picked.  They told my parents the cherry orchard was being chopped down to build housing.  Little by little all the local farms and empty fields were replaced by homes and office buildings.  The sleepy little city we’d moved to when I was 11 months old was changing.  

I don’t think anyone could have predicted

areal picture of Apple Computer's main campus which looks like a giant ring or spaceship

in the early days this area would turn into the Tech Mecca that it is today.  Perhaps if I’d known that, I would have made more effort to become better versed in the world of computers.  Well, maybe not!  

I started off as a business major,

cup of coffee with heart shaped foam on top, in a white cup with matching saucerbut when I found myself picking up a new habit called “coffee” to stay awake in my econ class, it was time to switch majors.  I’d always had the entrepreneurial spirit, so I was convinced it didn’t matter what my major was, as I knew I’d be running my own business.

I have my Bachelor’s degree in Theater,

and I have my own Electrolysis (permanent hair removal) and skin care practice.  I like to think I use my degree daily to entertain my clients. (Not every Drama Queen has a degree to show for it!)

All of this begs the question, “why am I writing a blog?”  

white desk with open laptop, gold lamp, jar of pink roses, pink notebooks with eyeglasses on top

I have limited knowledge of blogging.  I frankly never considered myself much of a writer, which would make a logical person reconsider blogging. Logic was never my strength…

I look at blogging as a public diary.  

While I think most people write about one particular subject on which they consider themselves an expert, I prefer not to confine myself to only one area.  I do have areas of expertise, and opinions strong enough to make an argument.  I’m not an argumentative person, and it is not my intent to engage in combat with my readers.  I’m creating a friendly forum.

I’m a story teller, and a truth teller.  

book on someone's lap in bed, with a string of gold lights in the middle of the bookI have many things I love and feel passionate about (or, about which I feel passionate – for the grammar-police out there).   I write the way I speak, and I will be writing about how I feel.

Why should you care?  

Excellent question!  There will always be a point to my posts.  My interests are pretty vast, so if you stick with me, I promise you’ll learn something new, give your mind something to ponder, laugh, cry, or know that you’re not alone in how you think and feel.

This is a “politics free” zone.  We are bombarded at every turn with seemingly never ending political cycles.  If you’d like a safe place where you can escape, you’ve found it. 

Below I touch on the things that make me tick.  I hope we have a lot in common!

I love the world of finance, especially debt reduction.  It is empowering to take control of your life by becoming debt free.

large pile of one and two cent Euro coins

Organizing homes really appeals to the neurotic OCD side of me.  I love the peace I feel in the absence of clutter.

I’m fascinated by all the products and procedures available to make us look and feel more beautiful.  We have a fighting chance!

I’ve been known to pull an all-nighter doing genealogy research.

 I’ve had way more experience in family and friends passing away than I’d like.  

I love dogs (especially mine).  

lady in a green shirt and pink hat, next to a giant plastic ice cream swirlI’m not a foodie, so you’ll likely not find recipes on here, but I have a huge sweet tooth.  

I’ve lived overseas in Iran in 1978-79.  Things were different back then, and I loved living there.

I’m a big fan of anything related to all aspects of self-improvement.

I take an acting class every week and I prefer on camera work to live theater.  While I’ve attended class consistently since 2009, I’ve taken it off and on since 1984!

My artsy-craftsy side has been developing, and I love creating things.  Rock painting is my current favorite.

If I had unlimited resources, I’d be an inventor.  

clear lightbulb against black background with a gold filament shining

I’ve come up with ideas that decades later became products.  (Unfortunately I was not the one to bring the item to market).  I might also like being a private investigator.   


I invite you to follow me, and enjoy any pearls of wisdom I can pass along.  

The subjects will be clearly categorized for you.  My topics are Money, Organizing, Creativity, Beauty and Genealogy.  I’ll write what is in my heart, and hope each one of you will find in it something of value.  If you think your friends or family will also find value here, you can shamelessly share me with them!

Remember, I write posts I hope are helpful to you.  I am open to all suggestions from my readers.  If you have something you’d like me to cover relating to one or more my topics, please let me know on my Facebook page here.

Thanks for reading this far, and I look forward to seeing you next time at

Elaine’s Lane.

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